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A Miniatures Figure Company set with a purpose


Why Orange color?

Orange is sometimes used, as a colour warning of possible danger or calling for caution (tightly relevant to our narrative) and at the same time it is  associated with optimism, confidence, enthusiasm, warmth, and agreeableness.


Why a rhino? 

The rhino is characterized as a “near threatened” species, a characterization  which we feel that suits our beloved hobby of miniature figures modeling.

We live in a rapidly changing world. People are spending more and more time in the digital world rather than in the physical world. Creative hobbies - such as our hobby - are becoming less appealing to new generations. BoBo Rhino is here to take action by supporting the sustainability and growth of our hobby.

Why a Mascot? 

BoBo, our maskot is a reminder that miniature figure modeling is all about having fun. He is a clumsy but fun, creative and confident Rhino. Isn't he adorable?


Why BoBo? 

Well BoBo is something between Alexandros and Christos, and for them it means strong friendship. This is how they have been calling each other for more than 20 years.


To offer exceptional high quality products and services which enable miniature figure enthusiasts to fulfill their passion, while giving back to our community.


To support the sustainability and growth of the miniature figure hobby in a fun, honest and passionate way.


To be recognized as a leader in our community who promotes talent, awards professionalism and strives for excellence.

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