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French Infantry Officer 1870

French Infantry Officer 1870

1.200,00 €Price

This is a 54mm sctratchbuilt figure created by Christos Panagiotopoulos

  • The piece was sculpted with magic sculpt and green stuff.

    Shipping takes place within 1 week of placing the order. Shipping of these products require additional packaging care as they are delicate products. Customer has the option to request from BoBo Rhino to deliver the pieces at a relevant show which both parties will participate. BoBo Rhino will communicate with the customer as to discuss the option of delivering to a show. In the case which the unique piece will be delivered via posting services this will take place only via courrier, shipped as a delicate product and the product will be insured. Unique pieces cannot be replaced. Any damages on piece during shipping should be reported to the courier service upon receipt of product as to initiate the insurance process. Upon acceptance from the courier company customer acknowledges that the product is in tact and acceptable.

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